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What Is Righteousness?


healing prayer

 posted by: shunt solakian on 8/19/2016

please pray that God restores my physical health and strength granting me deep sleep and fulfilling my purpose of serving Him in Jesus name. Read More

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Financial Healing

 posted by: Jennifer on 8/18/2016

My current situation is that I am unemployed and I am trying to desperately find full-time work so I can pay my rent and bills. The job hunting situation has been going very slowly so my prayer is that some miracle occurs and I find work so I can... Read More

Healing and peace

 posted by: Betty on 7/28/2016

Lately i have been experiencing a lot of anxiety and hopelessness. I have just been feeling hopeless as if there is a dark cloud hanging over me. I hate that, I hate it so much. I want to be filled with light and hope and abundant life in the... Read More

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