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What Is Righteousness?


Relationship and employment

 posted by: Ben on 6/11/2016

Hi I'm I live in a fellowship house in Western Australia all men at the moment (help lord can i meet some lady friends) Im struggling in life. I also got fired for no reason at work. Also, I want prayer to the lord in agreeance with meeting... Read More

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Giving up

 posted by: Tiana on 5/25/2016

Hi, A friend told me about this church a few weeks ago. I've never attended but was hoping I could get prayer for what I'm going through. I'm currently having thoughts of harming myself due to a friendship I no longer have. This... Read More

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 posted by: Yvonne Hall on 5/23/2016

Please pray also for my daughter Yolanda she was raised in the church. She left to go to CA years ago and got into the lesbian lifestyle. She has now been hooked on drugs for 1year. her partner of 8 years left her went with other women. Now... Read More

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