What should I expect when I come to Spirit of Fire Fellowship?
At Spirit of Fire Fellowship, you should expect an atmosphere of love and acceptance and where you will receive a Word that will help you in your growth and development as a Believer.
I don't have a lot of church clothes, is there a dress code for church?
We do not have a dress code. When you come, you will see that you have some who dress up, some in jeans and sneakers and some business casual. At Spirit of Fire, we say, "come as you are, but we promise, you will not leave the same."
What is your purpose?
Our goal is to manifest the love of God through acts of goodness and kindness; to teach people their authority, rights and privileges as believers on the Lord Jesus Christ; to pursue their purpose, ignite a passion, and fire for the kingdom of God –revealing to the world, the true sons and daughters of God.”
What denonimation is Spirit of Fire Fellowship?
Spirit of Fire Fellowship is a non-denominational church.
For someone new to Spirit of Fire Fellowship, what do you expect of me?
As a Visitor to Spirit of Fire Fellowship, we do not expect anything from you. Our hearts desire is to show you the Love of God as soon as you walk through our doors and serve you and/or your family in any way we can.
There are a lot of events going on at your church, do you have to be a member to participate?
With our Outreach events, you do not have to be a member to participate. We do our best to provide community-wide outreach events for everyone to participate and/or get involved.
Where do I park once I get to church?
When you enter the "campus," you will see a sign that says if you are a First Time Visitor, to please put your lights on. The Parking Attendant will see that you are a First Time Visitor, and direct you to one of the VIP parking spots. Please note the VIP parking spots are limited.